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About Sarah O'Keefe Gardens

In 2019 inspired by Dave Goulson author of 'The Jungle Garden' or 'Gardening to save the planet' Sarah realised her passion for plants could be combined with a purpose to introduce pollinators and wildlife to an area of bare lawn right outside her front door in Somerset, UK.

During May 2020, with the first covid lockdown underway, 

having a table-full of wildflower plugs sown from a handful of packets of wild flower seeds, plus her vision of a relaxed informal meadow, Sarah's dream pollinator garden came together with help from her partner Rob and local friends.  

In 2022 Sarah was commissioned by artist, Catherine Goodman to plant her new garden, followed by two further projects in nearby Bruton. Each garden was tailored to different needs, the idea being to work with the existing space to create joyful seasonal planting schemes needing minimal maintenance.


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“Sarah totally transformed my garden from a scruffy assortment of random weeds into a space that was beautifully curated yet still preserving the wild and natural feeling that I like. She has an instinctive knowledge of plants and an innate sense of what needs to go where, to create the perfect balance. Sarah worked closely with me every step of the way, giving me just the right amount of options to choose from so as not to be overwhelmed. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah.” 

Andrew Cooke

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Sarah was my neighbour at Spargrove for a few years and I was so impressed and inspired by how she transformed a dull bit of lawn in front of our cottages into a wonderful garden, full of creativity and colour. When I moved into my new home a couple of miles away, I asked her to build a garden on a very uninspired patio. She created something wonderful in a matter of months, putting in raised beds for the veg, a herb garden in some old metal troughs and the rest is wonderful tumbling, vertical and horizontal playful and beautiful & ever expanding .We work together on different ideas and I’ve found her passion and commitment inspiring. I love her eye for everything she does. She’s never financially extravagant, but generous and spontaneous and can be visually extravagant. Everyone who’s come to stay in the last year has been so impressed by what she’s done,as of course am I. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Catherine Goodman

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“Sarah has a magic touch for designing a garden that not only looks fabulous, but that was sensitively chosen based on our conversations and images of beautiful gardens that I sent her. Sarah has an natural knowledge of plants and seasonal planting, so was able to turn my ideas into reality in ways that I never dreamed possible. It was quite an incredible feeling seeing her interpretation of my dreams and vision come alive as my very own garden paradise. Sarah’s cost effective approach meant that I was able to bring ambition to my not so interesting garden and feel that the best garden designer had been at work to bring me the most incredible morning sunrise and sunsets in my garden.

I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Antonia Manoochehri

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