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About Sarah O'Keefe Gardens

In 2019 inspired by Dave Goulson author of 'The Jungle Garden' or 'Gardening to save the planet' Sarah realised her passion for plants could be combined with a purpose to introduce pollinators and wildlife to an area of bare lawn right outside her front door in Somerset, UK.

During May 2020, with the first covid lockdown underway, 

having a table-full of wildflower plugs sown from a handful of packets of wild flower seeds, plus her vision of a relaxed informal meadow, Sarah's dream pollinator garden came together with help from her partner Rob and local friends.  

In 2022 Sarah was commissioned by artist, Catherine Goodman to plant her new garden, followed by two further projects in nearby Bruton. Each garden was tailored to different needs, the idea being to work with the existing space to create joyful seasonal planting schemes needing minimal maintenance.